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Effective Date: 2023  


Made By Military - Seller Responsibilities  


Made By Military (MBM) is an online selling platform that connects individual third-party sellers, including military personnel, veterans, and dependents, with customers worldwide. It is essential for our community to understand their responsibilities while using MBM as a platform to sell their products and services. Below are important guidelines for sellers:  


1. Ownership and Rights to Content  


As a seller on MBM, you are solely responsible for the products or services you list and the content you upload to our platform. MBM does not own, manufacture, hold inventory, or ship items on your behalf. You retain full ownership and responsibility for your content.  


2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations  


You must ensure that your products and services comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards. This includes but is not limited to legal requirements related to the sale, safety, labeling, and advertising of your offerings.  


3. Accurate and Honest Representation  


Your product listings must be accurate and honest. Avoid making false claims, providing misleading information, or using deceptive practices in your listings or shop policies.  


4. Intellectual Property Rights  


Respect the intellectual property rights of others, and ensure you have all necessary rights, licenses, or permissions to use any intellectual property in your products, listings, or shop content. This includes trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and other proprietary rights.  


5. Reporting Infringements  


If you encounter potential intellectual property infringements on MBM or believe your intellectual property rights have been violated, please promptly report such incidents to our Intellectual Property Team.  


6. Compliance with MBM Policies  


Comply with all MBM policies, including but not limited to our Intellectual Property Policy and Prohibited Items Policy. MBM reserves the right to take appropriate action, including disabling listings, shops, or accounts, for violations of these policies or our Terms of Use.  


7. Abusers of Policies  


MBM will take action against individuals who abuse our policies, including our Intellectual Property Policy and Terms of Use.  


8. Legal Advice and Determinations  


MBM cannot provide legal advice or make legal determinations regarding intellectual property rights. We are not in a position to speak on behalf of intellectual property owners. Sellers should consult with legal professionals when necessary.  


9. Removal of Alleged Infringing Material  


MBM will remove material cited for alleged intellectual property infringement when provided with a report that complies with our policies.  


By selling on MBM, you acknowledge and accept these responsibilities. MBM is dedicated to fostering a fair and respectful marketplace for our community, and adherence to these guidelines helps maintain trust and integrity within our platform.  


If you have any questions or concerns about your responsibilities as a seller on MBM, please contact our support team for assistance.  


Note: MBM may update its policies from time to time, and sellers are encouraged to review them periodically to stay informed of any changes or modifications.