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Made By Military is an open marketplace, but we have guidelines in place to prohibit certain types of items. Some items pose legal risks to our community, while others are inconsistent with our values, potentially harmful to our members, or do not align with the spirit of Made By Military. This policy outlines what is not allowed or is restricted on Made By Military.


We maintain a zero-tolerance approach towards prohibited items, particularly those that endorse, support, or glorify hatred, violence, or are unlawful. Sellers found to be in violation of this policy may face immediate account suspension or termination, following our Terms of Use.


This policy is an integral part of our Terms of Use. When you open a shop on Made By Military, you are agreeing to abide by this policy and our Terms of Use. If Made By Military has valid grounds to believe that you, your content, or your use of the Services violate our Terms, we may deactivate your content for some or all buyers or suspend or terminate your account (including any accounts connected to yours) and your access to the Services. In most cases, Made By Military will notify you about the suspension or termination of your content or account, unless repeated violations of our Terms or legal or regulatory obligations prevent us from doing so.


Made By Military enforces prohibitions and restrictions on various types of items, including but not limited to:


  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, Medical Drugs and Devices, and Items making Medical Claims
  • Animal Products and Human Remains
  • Dangerous Items: Hazardous Materials, Recalled Items, and Weapons
  • Hate Items: Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Hatred
  • Illegal Items, Items Promoting Illegal Activity, and Highly Regulated Items
  • Internationally Regulated Items
  • Nudity and Mature Content
  • Violent Items: Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Violence


Our policy decisions are based on careful consideration of numerous factors that are essential to maintain the well-being of our community. We value the principles of freedom of expression within the bounds of our policies. Certain items with educational, historical, or artistic significance may be allowed, recognizing that such items can evoke diverse and sometimes conflicting interpretations and emotional responses.


Art and history often provoke strong emotions and discussions. There are certain subjects where a consensus within our community may not be achievable, and we acknowledge this diversity of perspectives.


Made By Military maintains strict control over the types of items, services, or products that can be listed on our platform. We have a zero-tolerance policy for items that breach our guidelines. We reserve the right to remove listings, services, or products without providing a specific explanation. Certain products that we deem unsuitable for our platform may be removed at our discretion, without detailed justification.


Our commitment to transparency and accountability is demonstrated through our policy-making process, where we elucidate the reasoning behind our decisions and elaborate on our enforcement procedures. We retain the right to remove any listings that do not align with the ethos and standards set by Made By Military. Violations of this policy may lead to the suspension and/or termination of a member's selling privileges, in strict accordance with our Terms of Use and policies.


Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, and Medical Claims


Made By Military strictly prohibits the sale of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs due to potential legal requirements and their classification as controlled substances under applicable laws.


This policy extends to medical drugs, medical devices, and any items claiming to treat, prevent, mitigate, cure, or diagnose medical conditions or diseases. Apart from potential legal constraints, such items do not align with the principles of Made By Military.


The following are examples of items that cannot be sold on Made By Military:


  • Alcohol.
  • Tobacco products, including smokeable products, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid.
  • Drugs and certain herbal substances, regardless of their legal status, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. Listings that include depictions of these substances in photos or instructions/materials for their creation are prohibited.
  • Drug paraphernalia, such as items featuring a carburetor, slides, bongs, bubblers, vaporizers, and related components.
  • Medical drugs and regulated medical devices.
  • Items making specific medical claims.


This policy is in accordance with Made By Military's commitment to uphold legal standards and maintain a marketplace in line with our values. Violations may result in the suspension and/or termination of a member's selling privileges, as outlined in our Terms of Use and policies.


Animal Products and Human Remains


Certain animal products are strictly prohibited on Made By Military due to concerns about the potential harm to live, companion, or endangered animals.


The following are examples of animal products that cannot be sold on Made By Military:


  • Live animals.
  • Items crafted from endangered or threatened animal species, as designated by the US Endangered Species Act or listed in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Additional information on prohibited animals can be found here.
  • Items made from cat and dog parts or pelts, as defined by US Federal Law.
  • Ivory or any products derived from ivory-producing animals, including tusks, elk ivory, fossilized ivory, and wooly mammoth ivory.
  • Items created from human remains or any products sourced from the human body, with the exception of teeth, fingernails, and hair.


Made By Military's commitment to ethical and legal standards underscores our prohibition of these items. Violations may lead to the suspension and/or termination of a member's selling privileges, as delineated in our Terms of Use and policies.


Hazardous Materials, Recalled Items, and Weapons


To ensure safety and compliance with legal regulations, Made By Military strictly prohibits certain dangerous items from our marketplace.



Hazardous Materials

Due to the potential harm and intricate legal and shipping regulations associated with hazardous materials, we prohibit their sale on Made By Military. Additionally, kits, instructions, patterns, and designs enabling the creation of hazardous items are also prohibited.


While not an exhaustive list, here are examples of prohibited hazardous materials:


  • Explosives (such as fireworks or sparklers)
  • Explosive precursors
  • Flammable items
  • Gasses
  • Radioactive material
  • Toxic substances (including poisons)
  • Individual or loose lithium-ion batteries


Some ingredients may be considered hazardous in specific contexts. For more information, please refer to our Seller Handbook articles about cleaning supplies and cosmetic products. We have also compiled a list of ingredients not permitted in cosmetic items on Made By Military.

Recalled Items or Items Posing Health or Safety Hazards

Items recalled by governments or manufacturers are not allowed on Made By Military. Examples include certain vintage Corning Ware percolators, lawn darts, and drop-side cribs.


Additionally, items that may pose health or safety hazards, even if not recalled, are prohibited. This encompasses items presenting choking, electrocution, or strangulation hazards. We rely on user reports and information from various government agencies to identify these items.


Made By Military also prohibits certain high-powered magnets that fit into a "small parts" cylinder measuring 2.25 inches long and 1.25 inches wide, with a flux of 50 kG2 mm2 or more, due to the safety risk if swallowed.


For more details on reporting unsafe products and recalls for specific markets, please refer to our Unsafe or Recalled Products page.



The definition of a weapon depends on context. As a general rule, any item intended to be used as a weapon to cause harm is not allowed on Made By Military. The following items are typically prohibited:


  • Guns, knives, or other explicit weapons, even if they are vintage.
  • Imitation firearms and weapons that resemble real weapons or are prohibited by US law.
  • Patterns, designs, plans, or instructions for creating prohibited weapons.


Hate Items - Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Hatred


Made By Military aims to foster a welcoming community where individuals of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, religions, political affiliations, and artistic tastes can coexist harmoniously. Art's subjectivity means that what is offensive to one person may not be so to another.


Made By Military strictly prohibits items or listings that promote, support, or glorify hatred towards individuals or that demean them based on factors such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation (collectively referred to as "protected groups"). We also disallow items or content that endorse organizations or individuals with such perspectives.


The following items are not permitted on Made By Military:


  • Items that endorse or commemorate current or historical hate groups, including propaganda or collectibles associated with such groups. Examples of hate groups encompass Nazi or Neo-Nazi organizations, Ku Klux Klan (KKK) groups, white supremacist groups, misogynist groups, or groups advocating anti-gay, anti-immigrant, or Holocaust denial agendas.
  • Items containing racial slurs or derogatory terms referencing protected groups.

This policy aligns with Made By Military's commitment to creating a community of respect and inclusivity. Violations may result in the suspension and/or termination of a vendor's selling privileges, as outlined in our Terms of Use and policies.


Illegal Items, Items Promoting Illegal Activity, and Highly Regulated Items


Made By Military adheres to the highest standards of legal compliance and expects its sellers to do the same.


Made By Military strictly prohibits illegal items, items promoting illegal activities, and stolen items. We also restrict certain items that are subject to intricate legal regulations or registration systems. Sellers are obligated to adhere to all relevant laws pertaining to the items they list. Listings may be inaccessible to users in regions where the item is restricted for purchase or sale.


Our commitment to legality and adherence to laws underscores our dedication to maintaining a reputable and compliant marketplace. Violations of this policy may result in the suspension and/or termination of a member's selling privileges, as delineated in our Terms of Use and policies


Internationally Regulated Items


Made By Military serves as a platform connecting buyers and sellers worldwide. When engaging in cross-border transactions, whether buying or selling, it is imperative to adhere to the laws and regulations of both the destination country and your local jurisdiction.


When participating in international buying and selling, it is essential to observe local laws and be mindful that other countries may impose their own restrictions. You may encounter limitations on exporting or importing specific items due to international laws and regulations. Certain transactions may necessitate licenses, permits, or additional documentation. If you require guidance on legal compliance, we recommend consulting a qualified professional.


Furthermore, when utilizing Made By Military's services, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with economic sanctions and trade restrictions, including those imposed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") of the US Department of the Treasury.


Nudity and Mature Content


Made By Military, as a creative community, generally maintains a liberal stance regarding the content allowed on the platform. However, we have specific guidelines to ensure that our marketplace remains respectful, lawful, and in line with our brand and values.


Prohibited Content:


  • Pornography: Any form of explicit, sexually-oriented material intended for sexual arousal or stimulation is strictly prohibited on Made By Military.
  • Illegal or Exploitative Items: Items that are illegal or exploit individuals in any way are not allowed.
  • Used Intimate Items: The sale of used intimate items is prohibited.


Restricted Mature Content:

While we allow certain mature content, we have restrictions to ensure a comfortable environment for all users. Mature content includes depictions of human genitalia, sexual activity or content, profane language, sexual wellness items, violent images (within reason; refer to our Violent Items policy), and explicit types or representations of taxidermy.


Items that fall under mature content must be properly listed and tagged to respect the sensibilities of those who may be offended. If you are uncertain whether your item qualifies as mature content, it is advisable to err on the side of caution and label it as such.


We strictly prohibit depictions of the sexualization of minors, as well as content related to bestiality, incest, and non-consensual sex.


Determining Pornography:

The line between mature content and pornography is determined by the explicitness of depictions of sexual activity or content. If an item contains printed or visual material that explicitly describes or displays sex acts, sex organs, or other erotic behavior for the purpose of sexual arousal or stimulation, it is considered pornography and is prohibited on Made By Military. Made By Military has the exclusive right to take down any listing or product we deem is not fit for our platform. We have sole discretion as to what constitutes nudity and pornographic material. Our discretion allows us to remove any material we feel infringes on this policy.


Violent Items


Made By Military is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all users. While we recognize that violent content can have legitimate historical, educational, or artistic value, we strictly prohibit its use to promote or glorify harm or violence against others.


We do not permit items or listings that promote, support, or glorify acts of violence or harm, whether directed towards oneself or others, including credible threats of harm.


Prohibited Items Include:


  • Items that glorify human suffering or tragedies, including those that commemorate or honor serial killers.
  • Items that exploit natural disasters or human tragedies.
  • Items that encourage, glorify, or celebrate acts of violence against individuals or groups.
  • Items that encourage self-mutilation, starvation, or other forms of self-harm.
  • Items that promote or endorse harmful misinformation.