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Effective Date: 2023 


Welcome to Made By Military, an online marketplace connecting buyers with independent vendors offering a diverse range of products and services. Please carefully read and understand our refund policy, as it outlines our role as a platform and our approach to handling refunds and disputes. 


1. Made By Military's Role 


Made By Military operates solely as an intermediary platform, facilitating transactions between buyers and independent vendors. We do not sell products or offer a return policy for any items or services listed on our site or apps. 


2. Vendor Refund and Return Policies 


Each vendor on Made By Military has its own unique refund and return policies. It is the buyer's responsibility to read and understand the specific policies of the vendor from whom you are making a purchase. These policies can vary among vendors and may affect your ability to request a refund or return. 


3. Refund Responsibility 


All refund requests and concerns regarding products or services must be directed to the respective vendor from whom you made the purchase. Made By Military does not engage in the manufacture, storage, or inspection of any products available through our Services. 


4. Warranty and Liability 


Made By Military does not provide any warranties, guarantees, or assurances regarding the quality, safety, authenticity, or legality of products or services listed on our platform. Any legal claims related to a purchased item must be pursued directly against the seller responsible for that item. 


5. Release of Claims 


By utilizing our Services, you release Made By Military, its employees, officers, associates, other businesses, and third parties associated with Made By Military from all claims, including those related to defective items, misrepresentations by sellers, or items that have resulted in physical harm, such as product liability claims. Your use of our site and Services is entirely at your own risk. 


6. Dispute Resolution 


All vendors on Made By Military operate independently, and any disputes arising between sellers/vendors and buyers are the sole responsibility of the involved parties. Made By Military does not provide guarantees or warranties to sellers/vendors, products, services, or buyers. 


In cases of disputes between sellers/vendors and buyers, the parties must make every effort to resolve the matter independently. If a buyer is unable to reach a resolution with a vendor, they may contact Made By Military to seek support in addressing the issue. However, please be aware that contacting Made By Military does not guarantee a resolution between the parties. 


Contact Information 


If you have any questions or need assistance with our refund policy, please contact us at sales@madebymilitary.com 


Made By Military reserves the right to amend or modify this refund policy at any time. Please read over our Terms and Use Policy for more information on refunds and returns.  Any changes will be communicated through our website or other appropriate channels. 


Thank you for choosing Made By Military. We appreciate your understanding of our role in facilitating a vibrant marketplace for our community of buyers and sellers.