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We made the SUNSET Collection from the finest oils (Egyptian Musk, Fresh Marine & Ozone, and Calone oils). If you love a clean and fresh scent that lasts all day, SUNSET is the fragrance that commands the attention of others.


Little Known Facts: Alpha-Male Pheromone Cologne For Men - Premium Pure Pheromone Infused Oil Cologne For Attraction - Men's Perfume Cologne To Attract Women - 0.34 oz (10 mL).


Egyptian Musk is a popular fragrance blend. It is a soft, clean, fresh, musky fragrance that has a soothing effect. It is commonly used in fragrances today to provide relief from anxiety, stress, and nervous irritation. The scent promotes clarity and calmness and helps us feel grounded and secure.


Marine Ozone is a mild, oceanic scent evoking gentle seaside winds under clear blue skies, a combination of warm sand, salty ocean waves, and the scent of sun-kissed skin.

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Egyptian Musk Oil, Calone Oil, and Marine & Ozone oils. We blend these oils to produce a clean and fresh unisex fragrance


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Our perfumery company helps you bring out the ROYALTY within you with our handcrafted fragrances made with premium essential oils. Our aromatherapy products and essential oils to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and promote calmness and relaxation.
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